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Defending Democracy
37 min
#229 Democracy Forward

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What would your nonprofit be able to achieve with a law firm on its side? This question was tested when, in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, a small group of experienced litigators launched Democracy Forward, taking on the Trump administration’s assaults on the voting, environmental, immigration, reproductive, and health care rights of low income and communities of color. They quickly mobilized a team of legal, communications and policy experts and partnered with nonprofits working on the frontlines of civil and human rights advocacy. Democracy Forward prevailed against attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act, terminate Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs, and halt illegal investigations of individual’s voting histories. And since the election of President Biden in 2020, the drumbeat of right-wing antagonism towards democratic policies and institutions continues. Democracy Forward is expanding its staff and array of legal interventions, including deep engagement in the regulatory process, to meet the demand. President and CEO Skye Perryman starts every new project by listening to what community leaders have experienced and the solutions they seek. She and Democracy Forward are in this battle for democracy for the long haul.




Culture Shifting Narratives
42 min
#228 Media Justice

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The seeds of America’s subjugation of low income, indigenous, and people of color were planted at our founding. Ever since, public leaders have codified policies that strip these communities of wealth and power. It has taken social movements, including bold nonprofits, to demand equal rights and structural change. This divisive moment in history calls for collective action rooted in 21st century strategies. Media Justice, led by exceptional change maker Steven Renderos is laser focused on democratizing our media and technology sectors, largely unregulated industries with outsized influence on our culture and politics. News outlets and tech companies are willing purveyors of racist and misogynistic tropes that spill over into policy making. Media Justice believes there is a pathway to shaping the material conditions of people of color only when communities tell their own stories, with depth and nuance, and tech companies are held accountable for the disinformation they amplify. We have experienced, in the actions of January 6, the consequences of disinformation that cultivates violence and disrupts democracy. Media Justice and its network of grassroots organizations are telling authentic stories, and we all need to listen.




Identity, Voice and Justice
37 min
#227 Advancing Justice So Cal

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If you are despairing about the rise of racial hatred and the anti-democratic direction this country is embracing, consider what it takes to build a more just future. For marginalized communities, nonprofit organizations are essential to becoming visible, attaining legal rights, and exercising electoral clout. Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California exemplifies how organizational expertise, vision, and infrastructure make systemic change achievable. Led brilliantly by Connie Chung Joe, AAAJ SoCal was founded by civil rights titan Stewart Kwoh following the 1983 murder of Chinese American autoworker Vincent Chin by aggrieved white co-workers. Since then, it has evolved into the nation’s largest legal aid and civil rights organization serving Asian Americans. A conversation with Connie Chung Joe is a masterclass in how to implement a multi-layered strategy. The agenda includes direct services to community members facing eviction, bystander intervention training in response to rising hate crimes, advocating to end transfers from prison to deportation by ICE and expanding accreditation of Asian American teachers. Connie grounds her leadership in a deep commitment to racial equity for all communities of color. In the majority minority state of California, she is fortifying a new playing field. 


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About Anne Pasmanick

I was propelled into community organizing when I was illegally evicted 30 years ago. I understand the challenges and potential of working for social justice in non-profits with finite resources and support.

Anne Pasmanick

I was launched into nonprofit policy advocacy 30+ years ago when my landlord, looking to maximize his profits in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood harassed, robbed and illegally evicted me from a property he owned. I quickly found neighborhood and statewide nonprofits, learned about tenant’s rights and how to advocate for policy change at city hall and the state capitol. Most importantly, I joined my neighbors who waged a successful years-long battle to stay in their homes.

Since then, I have worked in nonprofits with a social change mission as an organizer, fundraiser, policy advocate, program developer and executive director. I understand what it takes to be effective, stay solvent, and improve the lives of underinvested people and communities. I care, deeply, profoundly about the systemic and racial injustices that have marked public policy making and I know that nonprofits are critical to reimagining what can be. I started Power Station to amplify the voices of leaders who build community, influence and power. They are our pathway to progressive change.

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