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Building Community Clout
38 min
#237 Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice

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The shockwave that rocked this nation after the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision, holding that the U.S. Constitution does not confer the right to an abortion, continues to reverberate across the nation. An ensuing onslaught of bills passed in state legislatures has restricted or banned abortions in many states. The implications are particularly devastating in marginalized communities where women’s sole access to health care is through visits to a gynecologist. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice champions equitable access to health care and bodily autonomy for Latinas. As executive director Lupe Rodriguez explains, Latinas face many barriers to care, from being on the lowest rung of our nation’s wage gap to being overrepresented in jobs lacking health insurance or paid leave. Despite these disparities, a conversation with Lupe is inspiring. She explains how the Poderosa program teaches organizing, skills women use as advocates in state legislatures and on Capitol Hill and in all areas of their lives. The Latina Institute is also a committed partner to other movement building organizations whose central issues may differ but whose communities are connected. This is transformation in action.



Community-Driven Housing & Development
39 min
#236 Next City

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When three urban planning students launched the news magazine Next City in 2003, they were pushing against the prevailing cultural tide. As their peers were building careers in emerging technologies, they were hyper focused on urban communities beset with deteriorated housing, broken transit systems and environmental hazards.  Politicians and the media often characterized urban areas as places to escape and blamed community members for their circumstances. But founders Adam Gordon, Seth A. Brown, and Anika Singh knew that these conditions were legacies of disinvestment, redlining and other policies based in racial exclusion. And they believed that residents with first-hand experience were best suited to generate solutions to their problems. Structured as a nonprofit news organization, Next City approaches its coverage of cities with intentionality and rigor. Senior Economics Correspondent Oscar Perry Abello reports on resident led initiatives: commercial corridors developed from vacant properties and cooperative models for developing new businesses. He points out that all sectors, including nonprofit CDFIs, need to invest in organizations led by people of color. By amplifying stories of neighborhood transformation, Oscar and Next City informs, challenges, and inspires.



Culture Shifting Narratives
38 min
#235 Media Justice

Where To Listen

Since its founding 10 years ago, Alliance for Youth Action has transformed how nonprofits build power and strengthen democracy in America. It was launched by young people who had seen first-hand what is possible when people in low-income and communities of color organize to access their voting rights, stop the separation of children from their immigrant parents and repair environmental degradation. They knew that local organizing is where progressive changemaking happens and that investing in a federation of autonomous on-the-ground nonprofits could create a national movement for a racially and economically just nation. As happens when young people are at the helm, they saw a problem and they fixed it. They launched the Alliance, a national nonprofit that provides unrestricted funds, technical support, and capacity-building to 20 federation members in 18th states. All are youth-focused, youth-led, and demonstrably effective. Dakota Hall, who now leads the Alliance, discovered his passion and talent for organizing as a teenager in Milwaukee. He uses it to leverage the collective power of a network that may not be on the nightly news, but it should be. 





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About Anne Pasmanick

I was propelled into community organizing when I was illegally evicted 30 years ago. I understand the challenges and potential of working for social justice in non-profits with finite resources and support.

Anne Pasmanick

I was launched into nonprofit policy advocacy 30+ years ago when my landlord, looking to maximize his profits in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood harassed, robbed and illegally evicted me from a property he owned. I quickly found neighborhood and statewide nonprofits, learned about tenant’s rights and how to advocate for policy change at city hall and the state capitol. Most importantly, I joined my neighbors who waged a successful years-long battle to stay in their homes.

Since then, I have worked in nonprofits with a social change mission as an organizer, fundraiser, policy advocate, program developer and executive director. I understand what it takes to be effective, stay solvent, and improve the lives of underinvested people and communities. I care, deeply, profoundly about the systemic and racial injustices that have marked public policy making and I know that nonprofits are critical to reimagining what can be. I started Power Station to amplify the voices of leaders who build community, influence and power. They are our pathway to progressive change.

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